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how many of you guys came across a question like this "Mytouch 4g or G2"

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now its time to vote. comment if you like the G2 or Mytouch 4g

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G2. it looks better, has 4G speeds and has a full Qwerty keyboard

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yea g2. because of the same reasons JamJam stated

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either because i just used the g2 and it seems very fragile and its not a very comfortable qwerty keyboard. The mytouch 4g isnt that bad either but i would prefer a full physical qwerty keyboard and a different style back. The battery door on the mytouch 4g look cheap.

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AndroidAnalyst wrote:now its time to vote. comment if you like the G2 or Mytouch 4g

Being an avid blackberry user for the last 5 years, I love my 4g! Only wish I can copy and paste numbers from my call log. I used this function on my BB to send my husband numbers that called for business.

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i can get used to physical keyboards or touch screen keyboards pretty fast

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